PT. Solusi Awan Cerdas Indonesia (SACI) is a Cloud Services Company start-up established by collaboration between two entity which is “knowledge wide” come from the leading university in Indonesia together with “long range’ experience of private company which bring best practice enterprise services provider. We believe with collaborate our expertise, experience and blended vision we can deliver something tremendous to our customer.

As a Software as A Service Company, we delivers advanced IT Cloud services to:

  • Higher Education Industry, such as University, Academy and High School institution. We deliver an end to end system information management for day to day activities.
  • Medical Centre, Hospital and Clinics. We are provide enterprises class solution to manage end to end solution for their medical activities.

We are proud to announce the solution named Indonesia Smart Cloud Academy is solution for Higher Education and Indonesia Smart Cloud Hospital for Medical Centre Solution.



Chief Executive Officer

26 Years Working Experiences In The Business

Graduated from ITS 1989, Major in Telecommunication Engineering, Master Business Administration IPMI – Monash University 1997. 9 Years experience working with Ericsson Sweden, 8 Years experience working with AT&T and Hughes Network System USA. And 2007, established his own business until now.


Chief Technology Officer

Graduated from Physics Universitas Airlangga Surabaya

9 Years working experience in IT Industry, expertise in IT System Analyst, IT Programmer and Coding. And in 2007, as Team Leader to build Cyber Campus Platform for Universitas Airlangga. And Fauzi is now fully in Charge to be the TEAM Leader to Build CLOUD SYSTEM PLATFORM for ISCA


VP Marketing and Creative Product Design

Graduated from Genetic Computer School Singapore, 2000

Competencies : Web designer & developer, Branding Strategy, Digital Marketing & Visual Communication. Working more than 10 years experience in technical and visual communication solutions for corporation. Ivan is now in charge to Lead team building the UI/UX and develop the content for ISCA.


We are believe deliver the solution over the Cloud will become the major trend in the next future and in long term bring mostly benefit of the company. Cloud Services become major within next century and many sophisticated solution has been built on the top Cloud Infrastructure. Our solution named Indonesia Smart Cloud Academy (ISCA) and Indonesia Smart Cloud Hospital (ISCH) is the intelligent solution on the top Cloud services has deliver to bring benefit such as:

  • Standardize & Integrate Software System for whole business process in the institution.

We have experience to see mostly inside the institution there is silo solution and application has been implement in department level. Because the silo approach and only for short term purposes the integration of the solution become nightmare on enterprise level. When the institution need the complete data it has been very difficult to do it in real time because the data and information has been separated in different level of organization and on different authority. Our solution bring standardize and integrate system so all the data and information centralized in the same time accommodate any different concern from different department needed.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Since we are deliver the solution on the Cloud services, the institution no need to have expensive server and spend the resources and time to develop the solution. Our proven software can be instantly use and the customer can directly get the benefit in very short time. Since most of application and solution running on Cloud Services, the institution no need to establish the full IT team and reserve the maintenance budget of expensive hardware. The IT system become enabler and immediately become profit centre of the institution.

  • Complete Automation of Operations.

The institution shall be focus on their core competency. With move the IT solution to our application, many tasks will conduct by automation process. Now, the responsible people can focus on their strategic activities and let the paltry things run by system.

  • Focus on Strategic Tasks.

Because of Automation and IT services has been part of our solution, the person and institution now can be focus on their strategic tasks. Our solution has been develop based on the best practice of the industry and keep it updating based on the latest trend, so the institution no need to worry of their future.

  • Better informed decision making for management.

The management institution right now may have limited view or no view at all for what happen on their surrounding environment. With the solution we deliver, the management can have zoom view in detail for what happen on their system.  The management can have good view to make any decision based on their zoomed view.

  • Scalable, Customizable and Supports Multiple Modules

The solution has been developing on modular way where the customer can choose the package that can fit them well. This modular also helping the institution to focus of what their immediately need. The modular also can make the solution to be customized so for any changes on modular system will not direct impact to core module. The scalable solution has been proven since our solution has been use to handle almost more that hundred thousand user currently.

  • Comply with Pangkalan Data Perguruan Tinggi (PDDIKTI)

We have seen the real problem university facing is when they need to integrate their data to government regulation system called Pangkalan Data Perguruan Tinggi (PDDIKTI). There is a lot of hassle and misunderstanding how to feed the data, how to clarify and know what is the symptoms which create the error. But there regulation of this requirement is mandatory. The university level of accreditation part of this fulfillment requirements. With our solution, this facing issue becomes easily resolved. We have developed the feature module where the university can directly use it to immediately comply with the regulation. No more hassle, error and incompliance report when you are use our solution

  • Create and Improve Quality Management System in campus

The competition among the university in Indonesia becomes fierce. Every university wants to have leading point between their competitors. What they may need to adapt is to improve their quality management system. The university in Indonesia shall looking ahead to comply with world class standard. The solution we have delivered will help the institution to easily adapt their system to comply with the international standard.

  • Secure, Reliable and Expandable Information System

We realize one factor we need to carefully consider when implement the solution over the cloud is about the data security and how reliable the cloud system to handle the customer request. To response the main concern we have put additional task to ensure the data customer is safe, reliable and easily expandable. We have put more emphasize on security not on application level but on low infrastructure level to ensure there is no hacking or breach of the data. We are partnering with very reliable and most trusted cloud IT infrastructure provider so any concern from customer shall be diminished by now.