Indonesia Smartcloud Academy (ISCA) Overview

Indonesia Smart Cloud Academy (ISCA) is the total solution for Higher Education such as University, Academy and Special Graduate Program to do the administration and management of any activities and academia member inside the campus. It provides an information system services for the entire academic community to share and collaborate among them. ISCA information system is a comprehensive solution for the higher education in the world today.

The system develop for Higher Education on enterprise level that very reliable and already implemented at the University of Airlangga since 2011. Based on experience, ISCA will answer all the constraints around 90% all the issue of Indonesia universities. This solution can become a foundation for the entire requirement for almost all universities in Indonesia.

Indonesia Smartcloud Academy (ISCA) Layer Services

To support advancement of education in Indonesia, ISCA will provide the solution in the form of Freemium offering. Primary Package of ISCA will provide free of charge for universities in Indonesia. Primary package offered will be able to assist universities in Indonesia to implement the learning process fast and efficient. Forms freemium offering may describe as follows:

Primary Package intended that universities have the basic ability to conduct any activities for education inside the campus and as a basis to start create the validity of the basis data and awareness of the interaction from the campus community.

Intermediate Package intended to allow the campus to meet the accreditation requirements in the form of campus reporting to the Director General of Higher Education (DIRJEN DIKTI). With this package, the campus has been able to start fulfilling all the requirements of the Higher Education and use ISCA as part of the fulfillment of the report. Besides accreditation, this package also provides a dashboard for the management of universities (Rector or Faculty) for evaluation and monitoring of the campus activities at any time. With the additional function of Analytics, management of universities can get the results about the current condition of the campus in real time.

Enterprise Package complements more functionality such as Asset Management and Facility Management, Supply Chain Management and Financial System Management. Within this package, ISCA will operate as an entity like a corporation. Universities using this package will operate as an independent institution to do self-management for all the activities and operations.