What to do when own-don’t-trade Apple, Nvidia grow into huge positions

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Apple Inc. MacBook Pro and Air laptops at the new Apple Inc. store inside the Starfield mall during its opening in Hanam, South Korea, on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023.

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This week’s question: Hi, I have 18 stocks. My top 5 holdings are as follows: Apple (39.89%), Nvidia (16.6%), Eli Lilly (8.2%), Broadcom (7.56%) and Costco (6.76%). The rest have portfolio weightings below 5%.

  • Apple and Nvidia are “own, don’t trade” stocks, so should they be kept as they are, or shrink down?
  • If I have to sell them, is it better to pay less in taxes or keep the cost bases lower? I am really confused when it comes to taking profits.

Thank you. — Jennie (Founding Member)

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