Comply with Pangkalan Data Perguruan Tinggi (PDDIKTI)

We have seen the real problem university facing is when they need to integrate their data to government regulation system called Pangkalan Data Perguruan Tinggi (PDDIKTI). There is a lot of hassle and misunderstanding how to feed the data, how to clarify and know what is the symptoms which create the error.


The regulation of this requirement is mandatory. The university level of accreditation part of this fulfillment requirements.


No more hassle, error and incompliance report when you are use our solution.

Secure, Reliable and Expandable Information System

We realize one factor that need to be carefully consider when implement the solution over the cloud is about the data security and how reliable the cloud system to handle the customer request. To response the main concern we have put additional task to ensure the data customer is safe, reliable and easily expandable.

Create and Improve Quality Management System

The competition among the university in Indonesia becomes fierce. Every university wants to have leading point between their competitors. What they may need to adapt is to improve their quality management system. The university in Indonesia shall looking ahead to comply with world class standard. The solution we have delivered will help the institution to easily adapt their system to comply with the international standard.

Scalable, Customizable and Supports Multiple Modules

This modular also helping the institution to focus of what their immediately need. The modular also can make the solution to be customized so for any changes on modular system will not direct impact to core module. The scalable solution has been proven since our solution has been use to handle almost more that hundred thousand user currently.

We Provided 3 Different Major Services Category

We established 3 major services category to support each different need for every University in Indonesia. And in addition, we provide also customized service category.

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